Real Estate Agents: Expand Your Opportunities through Auction

At Century Auction Group we take our realtor partnerships very seriously.  Our goal is to help you add Real Estate Auctions to your existing options when you are trying to sign a listing or when you are helping a client to find a home.  The process of introducing us to your client is easy, transparent, and seamless.  Whether it’s your first appointment or you have a listing that just won’t sell, we will help you understand how and when to bring us into the process.

  • Our belief is that the more we can teach you – our realtor partner –  the more opportunities we can create for you and your clients
  • We have trained many realtors how to sell or buy for themselves or their clients
  • We strive to make you more valuable and unique to your clients than the competition (our realtor partners are elevated to a higher position than their competitors because they have more options to offer)
  • We create more opportunities for you by introducing options that your competition doesn’t have
  • We can train you to successfully sell properties that you would normally not list
  • When you partner with CAG, you will have a personal representative to answer your questions
  • We will train multiple agents at the brokerage or give individual training sessions at our facility  (call us to schedule a training session) 

Help Your Client Buy at Auction

CAG works with you as a partner when you bring your client to our auction sale.  We ensure that you earn a commission - and, we make it as easy as possible for you.  This is what you can expect from us when you and your client attend our auction sale:

  • We treat you like a partner
  • We make Agent registration easy
  • CAG guarantees your commission
  • CAG professionals explain the entire process to you and your client
  • We never pressure you or your client
  • We facilitate open competition (ensuring transparency for your client)
  • We handle all closing questions so you don’t have to

Help Your Client Sell at Auction

Every Realtor has gotten listings that are very hard to sell. Whether your client’s property is in a distressed condition, the property is so unique that it is difficult to determine the value, or the client has unrealistic expectations, let our team of real estate experts and auctioneers help you sell the property in a timeframe and for an amount that your client will appreciate.  This is what you can expect from us when you get us involved in your client’s sale:

  • CAG experts can successfully market unique, distressed, or just hard-to-sell property
  • We can evaluate and communicate to your client to help get the property to a sellable number
  • We will ensure that you don’t loose your listing or commission
  • We can take over the work and handle the entire process (so you can spend your time developing new business)
  • When you partner with us, we are truly a partner and will do a lot of work to get through Settlement (work with title company, etc.) and jump in to help with that (you can decide how much you want us to handle)
  • Our entire process is designed to ensure that fiduciary responsibility to your client is paramount
  • As your partner on listings, we can serve as a valuable tool for you to offer now and in the future