Century Auction Group has expertise in all types of real estate.  Our team’s extensive knowledge is the main reason we are successful at selling all types of properties.  The premise of the auction method is to create the most favorable terms for the seller by lowering the costs to sell (seller doesn't pay closing costs or standard realtor commission), enabling the seller to price the property more competitively and sell the property much faster, while receiving dollar-for-dollar a greater net than with a traditional sale.

The auction method ensures the most favorable terms for the seller (quick, date-certain sale at the highest price possible - with no buyer contingencies!)

The unique and creative marketing processes we conduct when listing an auction property creates a competitive environment that ensures a quick, date-certain sale for the most money possible.   Our expansive marketing model (including MLS listing, plus direct marketing and more) puts the seller’s property in front of the widest range of “right” buyers.  In fact, our extensive and proprietary list of qualified buyers is a key ingredient in creating our successful buying and selling environment.  Our marketing practices also bring the widest variety of buying groups to our auctions and help to ensure our sellers get the most for their property.

Key Advantages to Seller when using the Auction Method:

  • Property is Sold “Where-Is, As-Is”  (the seller is not responsible for any repairs and  the buyer has no inspection contingencies)
  • Sale is a “Cash” Sale  (buyers have no finance contingencies)
  • Specific “Auction Date”  (the seller knows the exact date the property will sell)
  • 30-45 day Contractual Closing  (date certain for Settlement versus moving target with traditional sale - and buyers often settle in as little as two weeks)
  • Buyer Pays Commissions (seller does not pay the auction company or the standard realtor commission)
  • Buyer Pays all Closing Costs to Transfer the Property (typically the seller is only responsible for paying off the mortgage and expenses they have created up to settlement date)
  • Limited and Controlled Showings of Seller’s House (your auction associate typically runs 1 or 2 scheduled and publicized open houses)
  • Buyer Pays CAG a Non-Refundable Deposit of Cash or Certified Funds  (helps ensure only serious buyers who are prepared to go to Settlement)
  • Unique to CAG, our successful auction rates are consistently at 95% or greater 
  • Streamlined, Hassle-free Sale Process (CAG professional auction associates take complete control of the process and eliminate the burdens typically associated with traditional sale)

The Auction Method of Marketing is predictable and transparent – and we keep you informed every step of the way.  Your Century Auction Group team will save you a considerable amount of time, money, and frustration.  Call us today for a free consultation.