Century Auction Group works directly with the investor community focusing on helping improve your marketing and sales methods.  If you are wholesaling a property, you should consider wholesaling through auction. Century Auction Group has helped hundreds of investors expand the types of properties that they can work with their sellers on.

Let us supercharge your marketing efforts so you can increase sales and profits

How many times have you had to walk away from a deal because you didn’t have the right buyer?  How many land deals, commercial deals, waterfront properties, farms, oddly zoned and restuarants have you walked away from because you don’t have buyers for those types of properties? How many times have you walked away from a deal because you simply did not know anything about that type of property or how to position it?  When you partner with CAG, you gain the power to sell all types of properties and monetize opportunities that you never thought possible.

Work Smarter Not Harder: The Key Advantages to A Seller when using the Auction Method:

  • Century Auction Group can maximize your marketing effort to increase sales and decrese the effort by the investor. Freeing them up to do more deals!
  • Century Auction group can maximize your profit by expanding the types of properties you wholesale. 
  • Increase the number of deals you do while increasing the profit on each deal.
  • Century Auction Group can handle ALL calls or we can train you to understand the auction process so you can handle your own calls
  • Our professional targeted marketing brings in more buyers competing for the property which improves the investors opportunity for higher profits
  • Specific “Auction Date”  (investor knows the exact date the property will sell…and may even sell early to pre-auction bidder)
  • Buyer Pays all Commissions (neither seller nor investor pays the auction premium)
  • Buyer Pays all Closing Costs to Transfer the Property  (raises the seller’s net profit and allows investor to negotiate a better deal)
  • Limited and Controlled Showings of Seller’s House (CAG auction associate typically runs 1 or 2 scheduled and publicized open houses - investor doesn’t have to install lock box or keep going back to seller for access to the property)
  • Buyer Pays CAG a Significant Non-Refundable Deposit of Cash or Certified Funds  (helps ensure only serious buyers who are prepared to go to Settlement)

Wholesaling through auction is an amazing way to grow your business and open up new opportunities.  We can teach you how to become more profitable while lowering risk and increasing your awareness of hidden deals.  Don’t walk away from another deal - - call us and let us help you get it under contract and take it to auction!